This Group is about ...


Tuesday Meetups

Each Tuesday an event is planned for the group to meet up.  These events can be educational tours, sporting activities or social meetups.  Each term is planned so that there are less cost activities in some weeks to make sure everyone can afford to come at least twice a term.



Tuesday group is about support everyone on their journey to homeschool

This group is not just a social group for our children to socially interact with their own peers but in fact much more.  Each one of us has needed some type support at some point through out our homeschoolling jounrney whether you're new or old to homeschooling.  There is a wealth of advice and support on different curriculum or ideas for teaching concepts within the group.  The group also helps parents in car pooling children to events, or you just might need some time to socialise with a adult. This support network between families is extremely important and has created some vital bonds and friends within the group.  Regardless of how you decide to homeschool or whether you have a particular faith, everyone is welcome without judgement.  We all choose to homeschool for different reasons and this is respected within the group and supported.

Expected Behaviour


Do you have to come every week?

Gold coast Homeschoolers is committed to providing a safe, respectful and enjoyable learning environment for all members, so this allow all students opportunities to engage in quality learning experiences and acquire values supportive of their lifelong wellbeing.


Staying Safe


  • If you don't intend to stay at the event with your child/ren please make sure another parent is willing to be responsible for your child/ren prior to the day of the event. 

  • At an educational tour/lesson/class please follow all instructions of the tour leader.

  • Outdoor activities wear sun safe hats, sunscreen etc.


Be Respectful


  • Towards other people’s beliefs whether it be religious or schooling styles

  • Use polite language – Please no swearing or use of the Lord’s in vain (adults and children)

  • Other’s personal space and property (keep hands & feet to one’s self).

  • Play Fairly – take turns, invite others to join in and follow rules.


This is a non-restrictive group, so it's up to you when you come to an event as not all events will suit all kids.  You can come every week, fortnightly or once/twice a term. 

How do I join?

Send us an email about want you are looking for in this group and a little bit of background on your family with your contact details.  We would like to meet you and your family in person before we add you to this group. As you can understand this is more for privacy for all the families that are members of this group. We will send you an invite to our next available event, where you will be given information on how to join.  

Ages of the group

Just like school our children range in ages from babies right through to 17 year olds but unlike school where most kids play with their own age and gender at our events you will see older and younger sharing time and experiences together.


Types of Events

We offer an array of mixed events that will spark the interest of most children.  Some events we have done in the past include Ice-Skating, Nerf War in the Park, Rock-Climbing, Social Park Meetups, Theme Park Tours, QUT Art Lessons, QPAC Back Stage Tour, AquaSplash, Bounce Trampoline Park, Runaway Bay Sports Centre Lessons, Movies, Water Park Afternoons and much more.


Group Pricing

As a group we are able to negotiate prices with most of our events and get discounted prices that most of the mainstream schools get and in some cases better prices as we can come in times that are quite.  Each year in May/June we are in contact with both of the big theme park companies to negotiate prices for yearly tickets.  As a group we will decide on one theme park that will be used for events that year (June through to June the following year).  Both tickets for both parks will be offered.